The Question?

It has to be one of the most annoying things when you ask someone a question, and they go on and on about something you didn’t ask about?! By the time they stop to catch a breath you have forgotten what your initial question was! Now you are standing there with this replay in your mind of the last 10 minutes when you asked that now forgotten question, hoping to get a flashback clue, but nope. You become frustrated and you don’t even know why you’re frustrated because it’s not like you remember the question anyway.

I remember one of my co-workers who danced around every question I would throw at her. She would always say, “Remember we talked about this?” And I would politely say, “Ummmm NO we didn’t!” So now the conversation leads to the both of us going back and forth about another “conversation” that never took place. So, you can only imagine what happens next, I couldn’t remember what I asked her.

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