Pour In More Love!!!

This picture is so profound!!!! What are we pouring into our children??? Without realizing it we can pour the most foul things into the people we love. What are you pouring into yourself??? What we pour into ourselves is evident by what comes out of our mouths!! As soon as someone starts speaking I can tell whether they are pouring positivity or negativity into themselves and their choices spill over onto everyone associated with them. Be mindful of what you take in, and allow to stay and cloud your mind, be mindful of who you are influencing. A healthy mind is important, not just for you, but for everyone around you!!!

#PourOutPositivity #MentalHealthIsImportant #FeedYourSpiritWithTheWordOfGod #RememberWhoIsWatching #WhoAreWeRaising #HatersOrLovers

3 Replies to “Pour In More Love!!!”

  1. There is so much truth to this! Thinking about the messages delivered in the many forms of media i have taken in the past, then comparing them to how I felt about certain things

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